News: 1255 riflessioni dei gestori che hanno vissuto il 2008, confrontato con le recenti vicende : qualche frase che mi ha colpito
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lun 20 marzo 2023 - 12:55:26

sto leggendo quesrto articolo, che parla di riflessioni di gestori che hanno visto il 2008

mi hanno colpito un po di frasi, che vi copio qui... Sono cose che conosco e ho ampiamente metabolizzato ma sono interessanti da condividere :

  1. Things can unfold in ways that seemed inconceivable just weeks earlier
  2. One of the signature properties of bank stress is the speed with which dominoes fall when faith breaks
  3. “The entire business model is predicated on confidence. So even if you are very, very comfortable with the financials, if the market has lost confidence in a financial institution, it’s very difficult for a financial institution to rebut or refute that loss of confidence.
  4. “From the inside, you don’t capture the full scale of the crisis,” Filia said. “You’re always too far from the decision power.
  5. A difference between 2008 and now is inflation, which threatens to complicate the Federal Reserve’s response should things mushroom.
  6. For investors, there’s a no-win aspect to it all — either inflation remains high or is finally arrested by a recession spurred by stressed-out banks reining in credit.“
  7. It was inevitable that hiking rates now would break something, just as it was inevitable then that hiking rates and cracking down on crappy mortgages would break something.”
  8. Sidial said he’s already worrying about finding prime brokers who won’t collapse in unison should contagion spread. “Forget US equity markets, the whole world is connected to the banking system. If that hits, everything’s going with it. You can destroy tech, you can destroy everything else, but banking is the one thing where if that goes down, there’s massive repercussions.”
  9. “Try not to outsmart the market when you really see names under a lot of pricing pressure. The psychodynamics in these really turbulent times can really bring valuations and or pricing swings way greater than you think.”

rileggendo questo abstract, cosa vi rimane in mente ?
imprevedibilità dei movimenti (1,4,9) anche x lontananza dai centri decisionali (4), velocità di propagazione (2), crollo della fiducia trascina tutto (3,8)
Poi  :
scenario lose-lose x l inflazione (5), riferimento ai mutui (7)

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