News: 1441 Ikea teme un 2022 ben peggiore del 2021 : " it eats away our margins in a massive way."
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mer 03 novembre 2021 - 14:42:08

anche Ikea teme un 2022 peggiore del 2021 :
"The world’s biggest furniture retailer is expecting another difficult period. “For FY22 [year to the end of August 2022], we’re looking at supply disruptions still, we’re looking at raw material increases still, we’re looking at energy increases still,” Martin van Dam, Inter Ikea’s chief financial officer, told the Financial Times. “FY22 will not be easier than FY21, it will be more difficult . . . it eats away our margins in a massive way.”

oggi il financial Times è aperto alla lettura senza bisogno di abbonamenti. potete leggere l articolo completo qui  :

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