News: 1504 deficit spending in germania !!!!
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gio 08 agosto 2019 - 15:04:41

deficit spending in germania !!!!
Germany might spend after all
Reuters, citing a senior government source, says the goal of no new debt is no longer tenable in light of climate challenges.
Germany is under pressure to start spending because it can borrow money for free and has an enviable debt situation compared to its eurozone peers. By citing climate risks, it might be a way to climb down from the fiscal stance. The report says new debt will be linked 'strictly' to climate measures but that could still end of being stimulative.
This is euro-positive but the headlines hit just as the euro and pound were getting beaten up. It has halted the slide in EUR/USD at a session low of 1.1181 and the pair has bounced 10 pips.
questo è il game changer per girare le curve dei tassi europei, o per lo meno rompere quell illusione che i tassipossono solo scendere.
bund viene giu. si trascina anche il tnote.
indici strappano.
alla fine hanno deciso di ascoltare le richieste di draghi.

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