News: 1423 18 maggio : prima data possibile per imposizione dazi su auto e ricambi
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Inviato da Antonio Lengua
mar 14 maggio 2019 - 14:24:30

il 18 maggio (sabato) trump potrebbe (nn si sa ancora cosa deciderà) se mettere dazi sull import di veicoli stranieri e di pezzi di ricambio :
Section 232 and auto import tariffsMay 18 is the first possible date that the administration legally can announce the use of power under Section 232 of The Trade Expansion Act of 1962 to slap tariffs on imports all foreign vehicles and autos parts. That would represent a possible set of import taxes on an additional $350 billion worth of goods at 25 percent, or roughly $87.5 billion in new taxes on the domestic economy.Once one accounts for the direct impact outlined above and estimates the indirect impact ensuing symmetrical retaliation from China, at a minimum there could be an increase of $200 to $225 billion in taxes.
Should the administration move on these auto import tariffs, then accounting for retaliation by Japan, the United Kingdom and the European Union, it is possible that during the second half of 2019, the domestic economy will have to absorb $335.8 billion increases in taxes.
posto integralmente il pezzo dato che riguarda anche l EU.

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