News: 1612 william,potente presidente della ED di NY, corregge un po il tiro di powell
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ven 21 dicembre 2018 - 16:12:57

william,potente presidente della ED di NY, la piu importante tra le banche Usa, corregge un po il tiro di powell
Fed's Williams: The economy is strong
Moving To More Data-Dependent Mode On PolicyMaking -Markets Signalling Some Risks To Outlook
We Are Listening Carefully To Markets -Expect A Healthy Economy in 2019 -We Have About 3Pct Growth This Year, Jobless Rate Is Low
We Are Ready To Reassess And Revaluate Our Views
Further Rate Hikes Are Not A Commitment Or A Promise
mi paiono dichiarazioni nettamente colomba.
crollato il vix di un punto intero  da 27,50 a 26.50
williams sta riaggiustando tutto il discorso di powell :
Fed’s Williams: Interests Rates Are Primary Policy Tool, Could Reconsider Balance Sheet Plan If There Is Material Deterioration In Econ Outlook
No Decision Yet To Change Balance Sheet Normalization Plan; But Will Have Eyes ‘Wide Open’ In New Year
Expects Inflation To Be Around 2Pct Next Year -Expects Econ Growth To Slow A Bit Next Year

Something Like Two Rate Hike In 2019 Make Sense In Context Of Strong Economy
But Fed To Adjust Its Views Based On Data, Outlook
io continuo a tenere le mie posizioni in dax aperte ieri , che poi con qualche in and out ho ridotto come prezzo di carico e ora è 480 circa.

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